She Used Me

I found my last girlfriend through my school’s online dating site. She wasn’t taking classes at the time, but had plans to start them up again. She was very different from my first girlfriend, who broke up with me at a really inconvenient time, so I thought this relationship had to be good.

It turns out she was just using me. See, she worked for a multi-level marketing company, which I later found out to be a scam industry. She broke up with me for not taking her and her work seriously. This would be understandable if she had a legit job and if I hadn’t spent all my money and free time helping her in the business for 5 months.
When she had uploaded her dating profile, she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend. She really just wanted to make an easy seller under her that she could mess around with on the side. Even though I was being a great boyfriend, taking her on fun dates and all, she never actually cared about me. She didn’t like to cuddle, she rarely tried to look nice for me, her gifts to me were cheap things she got from her company, and it even took her a while to take down her dating profile after we started the relationship.
After breaking up with me, she even had the nerve to still want me to do free business for her. I imagine by now she’s probably started looking for the next guy she can easily take advantage of. I can’t believe I’m that shallow; I mean really? I dated that?

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