My GF Introduced Me To Her Fiance While We Were Preparing To Get Married – Fola

Most of the time,we hear girls crying, that they got dumped by a guy,he left them, he used them, he defiled them and all.

Males get dumped too you know, they get used, they get‎ heartbroken and the funniest is, they look tough, but they aren’t most of the time, they don’t do so well with the heartbreak thingy even.

Least girls cry, and cry and talk about it and cry. For the guys, you don’t want to know. Let’s look into how Fola got through with his heartbreak.

Me: Hello Fola, how are you doing?

Fola: I’m alright thank you, how are you?

Me: I’m well, bless God. Please share with us your experience.

Fola: yeah,well,*smiles* it’s not something I like to talk about you know, cause I know some part of me still hurts about the issue,but I think talking about it should be relieving.

Well,i love debisi so much, like not the regular kind of love you see everywhere,i’m telling you this as a guy, I loved her.

I took care of everything she needed, and even that of her siblings. I spoke to her siblings from time to time and I felt I was already part of the family.

When her mother called, she always demanded to speak to me.

I was relaxed, thinking I had reached d bus top, she was my wife already.

Debisi showed no attitude at all, showed nothing at all,no emotions about leaving,nothing at all.

From time to time I asked her, “debisi what don’t you like about me?”

“What do you want me to change about me so I can be a better husband to you and a good father to our children”

She would say nothing, that she loved me so much and she was okay with everything.

Until one day, I saw Debisi at the mall when I went to get the ring I was supposed to used in proposing to her.

At first, I was comfortable knowing maybe it was just a family member or something. All of a sudden,they‎ started hugging,laughing, touching each other and laughing, then he drew her close and kissed her, and she kissed him back too and smiled.

My car key fell, I wanted to drop to the floor. Where would I have started from? That was my wife. I knew she was cheating but I wasn’t ready to give her up.

I walked there shamefully but I decided to put on a face and not let them both mock me. I greeted the guy and greeted Debisi. Told her I needed to talk to her.

She said sure,but before let me introduce you to my fiance, Feranmi, Feranmi please meet my friend, Debisi.

I laughed and told her it was the other way round, that I was the fiance and the guy the friend,she got angry and started shouting, that do I want to ruin her relationship? “Olorun o ma ni ba tie je o”

See,i have never been that shocked in my life.

Me: eh! Infact,its doing me like nollywood movie.


Feranmi: My dear, I just walked out of the mall with my shoulders hung down.

I couldn’t breath. That was my whole life just taken from me. I called her mother, she said “nkan ti o fe ni mo ma ba fe o”

Infact, I couldn’t get my bearing at all. I was stuck on the same song for close to a month “All of me by John legend”

I later heard that 2weeks after that time, she got married to that guy. That news broke me,it broke my entirety. It broke everything in me.

I always thought I had courage but people abegg,there’s nothing called courage at all. I wept,i wept so much tears stopped dropping.

I had constant migraines from all the pain and sorrow.

I went to different bars at different nights, I drank, I drank so much, I would even sleep over night at bars and joints.

I had two accidents during that period, nobody knows how it feels like to lose “Your” woman.

Your personal warmth.

Your lover and friend.

Your mother and sister.

Your comfort.

Your adviser.

Your P.A

I mean, I practically died and came back to life.

It’s been 2 months now, and every memory we had still hunts me like a plague.

I still love her, but I have to move on.

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