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I got this question a few months ago and apart from being bothered about it, it also gives me pleasure to know that people are willing to share their lifestyles irrespective of who’s judging them. See the question and my reply below:

Question (Anonymous):

Good morning Teekay. When I saw your BC on sharing questions on your site, I had my doubts, but on visiting it, seeing the site and seeing kinds of posts, I think I can also ask my question.

I have this problem with sex. I think I am addicted to having sex, and I don’t know what to do. I have sex no less than five different times a week, and that’s just the minimum. I really think am beginning to lose it.

I’m still a fresh undergraduate, and I’ve had sexual relations with so many ladies (at least 30) already in my school that I am scared of what the future holds for me. What do you think I can do about it?


The only advice I can give to you is to determine to stop. There are three characteristics you need to have to be able to pull through any situation you find yourself or achieve any goal and they are:

  • Determination
  • Determination and
  • Determination

My dear questioner, you just have to be determined to stop and against all odds too (even if a girl comes to you and strips herself). Only determination can do it.

I can go ahead and give you steps and so-called secrets but all na wash (we are all dry-cleaners).

One thing I would love you to do is get a rubber band (yes the normal popular rubber bands for holding money), wear two on your wrist and every time the thought of sex comes to you, pull the rubber band and snap it on your wrist.

The brain recognizes pain and runs from it so with time, your brain will run away from thinking sex because it knows it is gonna bring pain.

I hope I have been of help?





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