See what happened to the man caught burying juju in the market

A sixty -year-old fetish man identified as Amedu, who claimed to be from Kogi state was caught in the early hours of March 1 burying a charm in front of the shop of a female yam seller identified as Chidi, at a market stall in Garriki Market, Awkunanaw, Enugu, in order to recover a debt owed him.

An angry mob almost lynched the man for allegedly placing the juju. The man claimed that the debtor who was yet to pay him the remaining N17,000 of over a N100,000 debt needed to be spiritually induced to pay up because things are hard. Amedu reportedly resorted to using juju against his debtor when she did not pay the debt at the stipulated time and after Amedu had made several attempts to recover his money.

However, luck unfortunately ran against him as people who passed by raised alarm when they saw him burying the charm at the shop. This attracted an irate mob that tore Amedu to shreds before help could come through the intervention of the market chairman, who brought in the police to quell the situation.

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