See These 5 Male Body Shapes and How They Should Be Dressed

Unfortunately these days, men think its only women who need to consider their body shapes before getting an outfit. Well, i think wrong, and very wrong are they. Women also check out men, they see what you wear, they see how well fitted or less fitted your outfit is.

Even though, its not everytime you wear outfits just for the opposite sex to check you out, most times, you wear it to look good. Now, lets dig into guidelines to dressing your body shape, as a man.

1. Inverted triangle shape: These can be defined as men with a chest and shoulders much broader than their waist and hips are. Their best bets are Horizontal stripes, regular V-neck T-shirts, slim-fit shirts, straight-leg trousers and jeans, many slim fits will work, too, but not too slim. Also, patterned leg wear is a great choice

2. Triangle shape: This is for those who are predisposed to being larger around the waist and hips and narrow on the top. What it means is, unfortunately, most clothing is made for body types opposite from yours. You can try vertical stripes, jackets with structured shoulders, single-breasted suits and brighter colour panels and detailing across the chest and shoulders.

3. Trapezoid shape: If you have a broad set of shoulders and chest and a subtle taper from the top down through the waist, hips and legs, then you’re well-proportioned. Which means that you can try your hand at pretty much every look and still look good.

4. The rectangular shape: This person is tall and thin, with shoulders roughly the same width as their waist and hips. You’ll need to create an illusion of structure. So, you can try horizontal stripes, structured tailoring that’s tweaked to suit you, layered looks, scarves and prints, colour pops and detailing across the chest and shoulders.

5. The Oval shape: They appear round, especially at the centre of the body, with shoulders and lower legs looking comparably slimmer. To undo some of an oval shape’s negative effects, you’ll need to wear vertical stripes. Also, watch out for the right length and fitted, loosely tapered trousers.

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