See photos of Ooni’s new wife, Olori Wuraola with her Lebanese husband, Elie Khouri

Photos of Ooni of Ife’s wife, Olori Wuraola with her lebanese husband, Elie Khouri have just emerged.The first picture is Olori Wuraola. The 2nd picture is Olori Wuraola and her former Lebanese husband on an adventure in South Africa.

You recall that in that scandalous, very revealing letter Olori Wuraola’s friend Zainab sent her, she had said Olori Wuraola married Elie Khouri legally at Amac. Until December, they were still reportedly married. Is ooni marrying another mans wife?

The letter continued:

You married Elie to spite Abacha family. And now you are marrying Oba to spite Elie. His whole family went against him marrying you. You gave his mother so much hell.

Talking down at her and disrespecting her your normal way of behavior. You sucked Elie dry all his little expatriate change you took it sent him into debt and you ran away. You were still sleeping around while married to Elie to fund your lifestyle.

You think God is sleeping? Your story will come to light as it has always done.

See another pic after the cut:

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  1. If Godliness and contetednes is lost in the life of any human being the rest is doom immediately or latter irrespective of advice or preaching

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