Shocking: Four-legged Chicken Found on Farm! (Photo)

A special chicken with four legs has been found in China dubbed the ‘freak of nature’ because it is different from the 10,000 other birds in the farm. In this bizarre report, a chicken has been found with four legs. It has extra leg on the lower part of its body.

However, there is a little worry – the number of tourists who come to see this freak of nature are scaring the bird and might lead to its death. Many people are eager to take selfies with the chicken which might suffocate and lead to its death.

Ms Zhu, whose family run the farm in Shadong Province, China, thinks the bird is “terrified”.
She said: “It is probably terrified and seems to be dying.”The farm has 10,000 birds, but only one was born with the uncommon deformity.

Local experts even claim the bird will still be edible.

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