Saturday rants – I drifted from the original purpose


Ok people… Do you know I just realized that I was almost deviating from the purpose of this blog and was tending to be profit-driven instead of people driven?

Well, I have retraced my steps now and I seriously seriously don’t care if I ever make a dime from this blog but I’m just gonna keep doing what I intended when I started this blog some time last year.

Well, its a ranting post so I am just gonna keep on ranting till i get tired of ranting or so to say typing and post this…

I am quite smart and intelligent (tongue out) so try me and just ask me a question (any question at that) ranging from life to science to commerce to economy to spiritual to relationships to love or what have you. I promise to answer the unbiased way and trust me, it is really unbiased cos i weigh both options before giving a reply and not many people do that (everybody is always right in thier own eyes)

Now this is not for everyone, just for those who really need clarification and answers. please make sure you gimme the correct scenario in your questions… like I got a question a while ago and the question just didnt explain enuf… It was just like brief and all.. I have to see the situation the way it is before proferring a solution na.

Oya roll in your questions before I change my mind (some people are used to me talking like this already.

One thing y’all should know is I got love for y’all (no exceptions) *in wizkid’s voice*

Oya roll in the questions.. send them to

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