Rubbing my Victim’s Breast Before Operation Makes me Energetic–Arrested Robber

A pervert robber who caresses his victims’ boobs before robbing them has been arrested. The robber, Abdullahi Isiaka was arrested with his accomplice, Abel. Isiaka was said to have confessed that caressing the breasts of his female victims before robbing them made him very happy and energetic.

The duo of Isiaka and Abel, it was learnt used to be members of a four-man gang including Governor and Brigadier, who have since been arrested. They were nabbed around Ijora-Badia on Monday morning, while they were going for an operation on their motorcycle. Unfortunately for them, policemen were raiding motorcycles flouting traffic laws in that axis, leading to their arrest and the recovery of a gun.

According to the police, Isiaka usually pleasured himself by fondling the breasts of his female victims before dispossessing them of their valuables. The suspects, it was gathered, are currently in the custody of operatives of the Federal Anti-Robbery Sqaud ( FSARS), where they disclosed their mode of operation.

It was learnt that they usually slept near the railway and during work rush hours, waylay their victims, mostly lone walkers, who they trap in their midst. He said: “They target lone figures, put the person in their middle and rob the person. Once they get a victim, Brigadier would bring out gun and order the victim to cooperate with them. “Isiaka targets women. Once they catch a female victim, Isiaka would start caressing her breasts. He said that caressing breasts before robbing the person used to make him feel happy.”

According to the source, Isiaka confessed that the gang once robbed a victim who had dollars, adding that he used his share of the loot to buy a motorcycle, which they used for easy escape.

“He said he used his share of the money to buy motorcycle and after that, he started his own operation with Abel. He said they usually robbed at Ebute-Metta, Apapa, Wharf and Ikeja and that he handles the gun,” said the police source.

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