Ronaldo and Alessandra Pose Almost Nude For GQ Front cover

The fitness enthusiasts positively beam in the shoot as they each flash their pearly whites, offset by their enviably bronzed skin, for the camera.

At first glance, it appears Alessandra – who is married to husband Jamie Mazur, with whom she shares two children – is topless for the racy shoot, though on further inspection the catwalk queen appears to be wearing a skimpy one-shoulder bikini top, concealed by Christian’s strategically placed arm.

The duo are believed to have snapped the image in October last year, when the Portuguese sports star shared a video on social media of the two behind-the-scenes on a ‘top secret project’.
‘Hi guys, we’ve finished photo-shooting, it was amazing filming with Alessandra, she is fantastic, she does a fantastic job, hristiano says in the clip.
‘We are not going to say what we did because it’s a secret, we hope you are going to like it.’

His sweet comments are then met with an equally gushing set of words from Alessandra, as she replies: ‘I had a great time with you. ‘You’re an amazing person, a super-nice guy and I hope you guys have fun and it’s a top secret project so you’re not going to find out.’

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