Revealed: Disturbing Sex Life Of Singer Oritsefemi

Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele popularly known as Oritsefemi was born on January 5, 1985.He is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and performer. He is a highly talented singer but has a bad habit that puzzles even his close friends.

He is said to prefer twosomes and sometimes threesomes to having sex with just one lady. The source said: “Perhaps that is why he doesn’t really have a serious relationship. “He spends more time will ‘runs girls’ and fans who are always available at his call.” The source added that on several occasions, this has “caused disagreements between the artiste and his managers, who detest the habit.” “Before he (Oritsefemi) parted ways with Danku (his ex-manager), they usually quarrelled over this issue.”
While Oritsefemi’s managers and friends see the habit as a distraction that could also have spiritual implications, the musician sees it as the best form of relaxation, and sometimes a means of getting inspiration.
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