Read what happened to these teenage girls after sleeping with an Alhaji

Police in Delta state confirmed on Tuesday, March 1, the arrest of five female teenagers and a young lady. The teenagers and the lady were arrested over an alleged ‘fetish’ sex trade with one Alhaji Burkar Hassan. Mrs Celestina Kalu, police spokesperson in the state confirmed the arrest of the teenage girls and the unidentified young lady. Kalu said they confessed they were given N10, 000 each for the night, adding that there had been suspicion over the illicit sex business and fears that it could be fetish as the teenage female sex hawkers were subjected to special spirit bath after sex bouts.

“The arrest of the girls took place last week following a tip-off on their activities around Warri Motor Park during nightfall,” Kalu informed.

Mother of one of the girls, who pleaded anonymity, narrated how she initiated the arrest when her daughter spent the night outside. According to her: “When I saw them, I knew that they must know about the whereabouts of my daughter who did not pass the night in my house. “It was the first time my daughter would sleep out. I decided to lodge a complaint to the police because we have been hearing stories about these girls sleeping with one Alhaji for money,” the victim’s mother noted.

Further investigation revealed that the illicit sex business has fetish inclination as the teenage girls were reportedly subjected to all manners to spiritual bath after each sex bout. Kalu said investigation was on going on the case, as the police is still trying to apprehend Alhaji Hassan who now is at large.

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