Raped By My Best Friend’s Fiance

Dear Askteekay readers, I am really confused as to what to do in this situation. I met this guy online about 3 and half years ago and we got chatting. After about 2 months of steady chats and calls and I thought this was my perfect guy, he invited me over. He paid a return ticket for me to come see him in his town.We had agreed on no intimacy as I had decided then not to do it till I get married, then share it with my husband.

On reaching there he was very nice and caring no doubt, he took me to all the nice places and seemed really normal. We later ended the day in his house and I felt safe. Then he offered me tea to go to bed with and unknown to me the tea was drugged. That is the last I remember of that night. Only to wake up in the morning to find myself naked on his bed and obviously raped. I had never felt more betrayed in my life. I felt like I betrayed myself to just trust someone based on a few chats and calls. I began to cry so badly, but thanking God for even sparing my life. Could have been a ritualist. That was the last day I saw him.

I travelled out later that year to run a master’s program and returned middle of this year. Only to catch up with my best friend and she’s all happy that she’s getting married and wants me to be her maid-of-honor. Showed me their pre-wedding pictures and it’s this same guy that raped me about 3 years ago. Their wedding is in 2 months and I’ve been thinking. I don’t think I should dignify that bastard by even attending his wedding but I don’t know how to tell my friend about him, or if to even tell her cos I don’t want to come across as an enemy of progress. Please if you were in my shoes, what would you do?

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