Question: Should I DO Yahoo Yahoo?

Question (Anonymous):

images (19)Morning sir. Please help me out with my issue, and let me know when posted.

I have a friend who wants me to join him in his crew of ‘workers’ (Yahoo guys). We’ve been good friends from child birth, and he’s always been helpful when I was lacking I don’t want to join them even though I know I’ll be very successful in the business if I delve into it.

Please, what do you think I should do sir?


NO! NO!! NO!!!

Please and please, don’t join them. Not because the law say you shouldn’t do yahoo oh (tho the law says so sha) but because there is a special reflex curse that comes with the yahoo yahoo ish.

The person wey shit no dey remember, na the person wey pack the shit go remember forever.

Don’t heap on yourself a curse of a lifetime because of a short time of “enjoyment”

Be persistent at whatever legal thing/biz you are doing and you would make it even if na pure water sales.

To buy a car, all you need is 300 Naira from 1000 people. *think*

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