Man tells Teekay of his experience as the “full-time houseWIFE”


When is the right time to end it with her?

For two years now, I have endured a very turbulent time out with my wife of just six years. It all started out very well, and things were going on fine and smoothly for us, until I lost my job 36 months into our marriage. At the initial stage, it wasn’t that rough for us since she was still working and I had some savings to fall back on for the meantime.

But after not being able to secure a job opportunity for myself in the months coming has begun to make my wife think she is my husband, and I’m her wife. I have tried to get her to come out of such illusion and think straight, but she is just bent on having her way always. I’m fed up and I want out.

Please what should I do?


As I have always promised, my answers are going to be unbiased so read on…

You need to keep being the wife as long as she keeps being the man in the marriage. If you want a change, you need to get yourself a job (doesn’t have to mean you’d be working for someone) and start providing for your family.

Needless to say I am ashamed for you that you feel that breaking up with your wife is the way forward.

Get a job and start being the man, but before then, you need to be content as the wife and do what a woman needs to do in the home (take care of the kids, take care of the house, cook, clean and get the groceries).


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