Question: My Room Is Always Dusty Even After Thorough Cleaning. – Are There Dust-Sprinkling Spirits?

Question (Peter):

Are there Spirits or invisible stuffs sprinkling Dirt around?

c4c7b-confused-black-man-green-shirt-400x295I cleaned up My room before I traveled, I knew it is a long duration trip so I took time to arrange my room,
clean my room, locked all doors, windows and any entrance to my room. But to my surprise,If come back after six months I have to repeat the cleaning again even more tedious than the initial one.
This re occurs every time and it is frustrating so the question just came up from my thoughts if there are spirits around sprinkling dust or playing in an empty room if the owner is not around.


This is a very tricky question but find the answers below:

  • NO!!! There are no spirits or invisible stuffs that sprinkle dirt around.
  • Most times when we think we clean, we are actually just making the dust disappear temporarily from where we want. they are still in the air somewhere and after sometime, they settle again.
  • Do you also clean the ceiling, fans and roofs? Dusts on these places can still later come down and settle
  • Do you leave in a house where there is constant movement and closing of doors? like in a storey building, face-me-I-face-you on a block of flats? As long as there is movement that indirectly links to your room, dust will definitely settle.
  • Do you actually close all entrances to your room or there is space under your door, under the window, in the ceiling, behind the sockets? if there is a space somewhere, dusts will come in.

With these above points, I am sure you now understand and know that there are no dust-sprinkling spirits.

Dear readers, please drop your opinions/ideas too (everybody is learning).

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