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Question (Anonymous): 

I am in an 8 months relationship with my best friend. Why I call him my best friend because he has been one of the best things that has happened me in the last 8 months. Let me get down to my issue.

download (17)A childhood friend invited me to the house on 28th of last month, I went with nothing in mind, but he forcefully had his way in between my legs. My best friend has never had sex with me cos he made a vow to God never to.

I have asked God for forgiveness and am sure he has forgiven me but the issue is I get pricked once in a while to tell him what happened, I don’t know if I will lose my respect and my relationship in the process.

Please advise me I am really in a confused state.


You will not lose your respect or relationship rather, you’d be more respected and the relationship will become deeper.

You say he is your best friend therefore you should seat him down and tell him. if he really is your best friend, what he will do is try and get a payback on the guy if you give him his details (name, address, school etc).

So please, the only way to be free from having to ask people or blogs like me this question repeatedly is to call your “bestfriend” seat him down and have a heart-to-heart talk with him (make sure you cry oh else he fit no believe you).


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