Rape victim asks Teekay why she has sleepless nights… Teekay answers


What is the best solution to cure rape-induced insomnia?


I am deeply sorry that you have to go through this trauma. i have said it before and i will say it again – Rapists should be killed as soon as they are convicted.

There are a few things you need to do though:

  • Go for a proper medical test (investigative check)
  • After being certified free of all STDs and pregnancies, find a confidant, preferably your mum, sister of family and talk to the person; the person has to be a female please.
  • Start up a small NGO (doesnt have to be registered) to help ladies like you.

The idea is to face the situation head-on instead of trying to forget it (you can NEVER forget). When you do the above-listed points, you will develop a peace that transcends man-understanding and sleep will be naturally induced.

He who runs from a fight, lives to fight another day.


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