Question: Should I Go For Masters Or I Should Get A Teaching Job

Question (Anonymous):

Hi Teekay…

I really wanna thank you for offering us such a platform for questions and giving really unbiased answers to questions that come across your way so we can learn from people’s experiences.

images (16)My question is simple. What advice can you offer me in my situation: I graduated from a private universities in the country last year, with a second class lower division and I studied Geography. I taught in one Secondary School in the East during my service year, and it wasn’t such a palatable experience. I really hate teaching, and I never really had it in my plans until recently when folks started advising me in that line. I’m torn between many choices, and need help. What career choice do you think would be most beneficial to me? Masters or Teaching?


Masters oh abeg… If you have the means, please do get your masters. You can always teach with your masters sef and it could even be in university while you pursue your P.Hd.

Plus since you even hate teaching, you shouldn’t base your future on regrets. the future is a very long period oh. (calculate when you plan on dying and subtract 10years – that’s the future)

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