Question: We Have Been Dating On BBM For A Year Now And We Have Never Seen Face-to-Face. Should I Keep Waiting?

Question (Anonymous):

I live in Asaba, and he lives in Abuja. We met online through a group chat on BBM about 2 years ago, and we’ve been dating for close to a year now. We’ve never had the opportunity to meet face to face, but he has worked his way into my heart, and he has download (22)become almost everything to me. Around September last year, during one of our Skype sessions, he asked me to undress before the webcam, and that was how for the very first time in my life, I masturbated.

Now, the problem is this: several guys have been disturbing me to date me over here in Asaba and in my school in Australia. My long distance boyfriend is still on the table, and I must confess that we talk together more times daily than we talk with any other person. I really don’t know if the guy is just playing me or am just being a fool. One guy in particular over here in Asaba has been on my neck since October after seeing my pictures on a friend’s phone begging me to give him a chance to prove his love to me. He’s been all over me during the holidays, and now that am almost off to school wants me to be his girlfriend. I’m confused on who to choose. Between my online boyfriend, and the one who wants me to be his girlfriend.

NB: My online boyfriend plans to come see me during Easter when I return home for the break.

What should I do?


You mean you dated a guy on BBM for over 6 months and he claims to love you without seeing you? My dear you have been deceived. There’s no true love like that. He could have worked out a way (if he TRULY loves you) to see you before now and he now wants you to wait again till Easter.

I commend your boldness (yea i mean it – BOLDNESS).

My dear, move on with your life and find your true love somewhere else.

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