Question: My CU Girlfriend Wants To Visit Me In School And My TASUED Girlfriend Stays With Me Here. What Do I Do? – TASUED Student

Question (Anonymous): 

I have a girlfriend in my current school, TASUED, and another in CU. The one in CU is more of a money bag, and she really loves me, and spends quite a lot on me. The one in my school is the one I have deep feelings for. Now, the girl in CU wants to come over and see me, at my place in school, and I can’t say no, as I have been saying that since early 2014. But my main problem is that my GF in my school here lives with me, and there is no way I can send her out of the house without arousing her suspicion. I know I shouldn’t be sharing this, but I need help. She’s supposed to be around during Valentine (i.e. my CU GF) and that’s just days away. (Please hide my identity)


My dear brother, the truth is you are in trouble. One woman is enough trouble as it is but you choose to have them doubled.

I wish I could tell you what to do because apart from having what you believe in, morals don’t allow you have more one GF at a time.

Bottom line is, you have to break up with the both of them NOW and stay single for a while (say 2 years).

NB: To all my handsome young men, women are not clothes, neither are they fruits or delicacies, they need to be respected at all times – they bleed at least 2 days every month and they are not sick, they end up getting preggy and carrying it for 9 months and then to top it all up, researchers have it that the next worst pain after being burnt alive is child bearing and some women still go ahead to have 5 children.

They need our respect even from birth or lets say from puberty. Menstruation na problem, menopause too na problem (Eve why na)




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