How do I stop this addiction? – Anonymous


How do I stop my addiction to Valium? Been using it during exams, and can’t stop even months after.


I don’t understand the question though or maybe i’m confused; as in you were using valium during exams? is it not supposed to be coffee?

Well to stop an addiction, you need to be determined first of all, then throw all your spare valiums away and find something else to get addicted to like music or the internet.

Buy two rubber bands and wear it on your wrist. Whenever the thought to take valium comes to mind, snap the bands and let it hurt well. The brain hates pain and will in no time understand that the thought of valium brings pain and it will in turn stop thinking about it.

It is not going to be easy to do all this though but that is where determination comes to play.

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Send your confessions and questions to or and I will do justice to them. You are not the only one that needs help, we all do.


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