Q: What is an orgasm? How does it happen?

Ans: Many people have heard the word orgasm thrown around so much that the word has become familiar while the idea it represents remains a mystery.

Basically, an orgasm is a feeling of intense sex-induced pleasure.

It’s a little more than that though.

First thing you must realize is that an orgasm is not reached by just inserting male organ (A) into the female organ (B), though it is part of it.

As a matter of fact, orgasm for most women comes from clitoral stimulation, not from vaginal penetration.

To give a woman an orgasm means you need to stimulate her for long time. It could even take up to an hour, or just 5 minutes.

The reward is however awesome.

Orgasms happens like this: The woman gets turned-on, builds up muscle tension around her pelvis (myotonia) during which a flood of hormones flows into the body.

This hormone flow, happening the same time with muscle tension release leads to intensely pleasurable feelings and can be felt all over the body.

In men, the muscle muscle contractions cause semen containing sperm to spurt out of the penis — called ejaculation.

Interestingly, a woman may have more multiple orgasm if the stimulation is continued unlike for men where the orgasm comes with a recovery phase when the penis and testicles shrink back to their normal size.

So there you are…

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