Psychic: I Swear I’m Not Crazy

I have a twin sister and I have always been able to tell when she is in trouble. I literally hear her call out my name in the back of my mind when she needs me. This has held true for a few other people in my life who I am extremely close to as well. I have found a friend who attempted suicide, and my husband when he sustained a horrible injury this way. It has always been a blessing and always one short cry.
For the past month I have been consistently heading a heart wrenching scream. It is the only time I’ve heard something more then once. I realized today that the person screaming is me – I don’t know how I know this but I know it for sure. It’s not a scream in physical pain, but complete and total heartache. I am not depressed and things are actually going wonderful in my life right now, so I don’t know why I’m hearing it. It makes me extremely fearful that something horrible is going to happen.

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