Prison Guard Accused of Raping Inmate For 15 Minutes While Another Guard Watched

The New York Post reports on a new Manhattan federal lawsuit which charges that a Rikers Island correction officer raped a female inmate while another officer watched.

The lawsuit alleges that a male inmate bribed an officer to leave him alone with the woman, identified as “Jane Doe,” on a Department of Correction​ bus. When the male inmate left, the officer raped the female inmate.

“Doe considered screaming out but chose not to scream because she realized that any officers who might respond from the [prison] were apt to be male and Doe was frightened that they might assault her as well,” the lawsuit states.

During the rape, which allegedly lasted 15 minutes, another correction officer got on the bus because the rapist allegedly said he wanted to give him a show.

The city Law Department spokesperson said they’d review the claims as soon as they received the complaint.

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  1. Without the orderlies, the prison would not function. Each unit has a key orderly, whose job is to keep the key clean and pack up the property of any prisoner sent to seg. Count room orderlies deliver the tallies from each unit to the room where they re tabulated. Tier orderlies, floor orderlies, yard orderlies, walk orderlies, and gym orderlies keep the prison clean. Orderlies typically maintain a friendly relationship with the guards but take every opportunity to make it clear to other inmates they are not snitches. And they rarely are. It is much more likely for them to be movers of contraband. They cozy up to guards who will bring it in, and their freedom of movement allows them to distribute the goods. I will see some of the most trusted orderlies get busted while I m here.

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