Primate Ayodele says Oyedepo, Oritsejafor, Adeboye and other ministers have disgraced God

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Founder and Spiritual leader of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele says notable religious leaders, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Pastor E.A.Adeboye and Bishop David Oyedepo are disgracing God with their actions by hobnobbing with people in power and not having the courage to tell them the truth. The clergyman said this in an interview with Yes! Magazine
“Oyedepo, Oritsejafor and Adeboye have disappointed God. They see the truth but they are not saying it. I will be frank. These frontline pastors; Adeboye, Oyedepo, name them, PFN, CAN have they not disappointed the Nigerian masses now? Jonathan goes to Adeboye, what’s the other man’s name? Politicians have corrupted all church leaders. They are not saying the truth. Adeboye, Oyedepo and other big pastors are not saying the truth. We know that the economy is bad, things are not going right but they should have the courage to face them. For the first time let us be bold enough to tell them “What you are doing is bad”. Tell them, “change from bad to good”.
“They say Lagos is moving. What is moving in Lagos? Lagos is just there. Nothing is moving in Lagos. Both APC and PDP have destroyed this country. Pastors who are to talk are part of the corrupt system. Bishops, Primates, Prophets. Everybody is going to answer before God. I am not here to judge any Pastor but I am standing on the altar of truth” he said

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