I Am pregnant For My BF and he is happy too but we are teenagers. I am 15 and he is 16 years old.

I am a fifteen year old girl! Just a normal fifteen year old girl who likes, singing, hanging out with my friends, going to the mall, sleeping, eating, being a cheerleader. But now, I can’t do any of that stuff!! It is all over for me because, well here is the story, me and my boyfriend had been going out for 1 month and to celebrate that we decided to lose our virginity to each other!
Well, that ONE time, something must have happened when here I am, pregnant! I am about 6 months pregnant and my life is slowly deteriorating. My boyfriend THANK GOD is supportive and has been the whole time… my baby is kicking and my boyfriend just LOVES it!! I love him a lot and he proposed to me! When I told my parents about it, they disowned me and now my boyfriend and I live in a one bedroom apartment! He is only sixteen but he has a job and a car!

Our teenage love story turned into a teenage parenthood. My boyfriend always talks to my stomach! He tells her he loves her!! … I have ultra sounds and she is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I can’t wait till she is born and I have my pride and joy in my arms instead of my stomach! Only about 3 more months! I love her with all my heart already and she isn’t even born yet!! But she feels, hears, loves, and I know that she knows everything that’s going on around her because when me and my boyfriend start fighting, she is the first one to break it apart by kicking me until we stop! She is amazing already and I hope everything turns out alright! I could never imagine aborting a baby, a living thing! It is sad and I hate abortion! Well, I am done…

Me: Thanks for sharing your story. You are obviously looking forward so much to the birth of your baby girl. It’s important that you have the support you need before and after the birth. Let us know how you get on.‎
Safe delivery.

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