His Parents Don’t Want Me. Should I Stay Or Leave?

Question (Anonymous):

I am a lady of 22 years dating a guy of 33 years. We are from different states and love each other very much. But the problem is this; his parents are against him marrying any lady not from their state. Reason is because of the guys’ past experiences with ladies which are not from his state. After he proposes and the traditional marriage is done the ladies leave him without reasons. That is why his parents are against other girls not from their state.


My problem now is this; after he told me this, I started acting cold towards him and wanted to end the relationship. He noticed it and begged me not to leave him but rather stand by him to see if we can convince his parents together. I am scared because I don’t want to wait in vain. Pls what should I do? Sorry for the long story.



If you really love him as you claim to, you should wait with him and stand by him this trying time. The true test of love is when things are not going as planned and you still stick together.


Parents are a vital part of any marriage and most times they constitute a nuisance while making these decisions but we cannot over emphasize the importance of a parent in ones life.

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