Open Question to all AskTeekay readers

We’re in a generation, where kindness is seen as weakness,where love is seen as foolishness.
It’s an open question-
Should Parents teach their children to grow to be kind, to show love? To help others, knowing fully well at the end of the day, they’ll be trampled upon and treated with first class mediocrity?
Should they treat them how to love people as they love themselves? Or to just do what is best for them as such is the society’s demand.
Should they teach them to always watch out for their neighbours’ backs when in the real sense, those neighbours he should be watching are watching for his downfall?
Should they teach them to say nice things to people when in the obvious sense, human beings will always have something to say, you’re good or bad, they will always have an opinion.
I’m confused,i don’t know!


Kindly answer in the comments section below.

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