OAU Student Slapped Multiple Times for Touching a Lady in Her Sleep

A male student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state witnessed a rain of slaps for allegedly touching the body of a female student who was fast asleep in a lecture theatre in the middle of the night.
An unnamed student of the Africa’s most beautiful campus, OAU took to a popular online Nigerian forum to narrate how a male student was embarrassed by another female student in a physical assault over an allegation that wasn’t confirmed.

Read the interesting account given by the news poster below:

“It was a surprising moment as the power supply in OAU campus which is mostly very regular throughout the night went off last night, 14th of April. Probably due to the rain. Students who were to study waited patiently in the lecture theatres expecting the light back but all to no avail. As a result most of us decided to sleep. Still hoping for the light to be back. Most students were on break so we were very few.
Hmm…… It happened early this morning at AUD II lecture theatre about 4 hrs (around 3:30 am) after the light went off. Every where was dark except some students reading with their phone touch lights and weak lamp . The rain had stopped already.

I was lying on our very comfortable lecture theatre seat ready to sleep when I heard a very loud shout from a girl. Initially i thought she was “sleep talking” but I latter thought maybe she was possessed by demons or something. She stood up from where she was sleeping and started raining slaps and beatings on a guy whom she claimed was touching her body while she was sleeping.

The beating was so intense that people had to beg the girl to stop. “Yes I caught you…why are you touching my body while I was sleeping!” she shouted angrily and unleashed another round of hot slaps on the culprit’s face. The funniest thing was that the guy couldn’t utter a single word which meant he was guilty.

Unfortunately it was all dark in the lecture theatre and I was unable to see the face of the victim and the guy.

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