My Plans for my Cheating husband… (Confession)

Two months ago, I snooped and found out my husband has been cheating on me. They weren’t just emails, but pictures they had taken on a few nights out while I went to visit my parents in Oyo.
I knew my husband would be up for a big raise this year, so after checking with the lawyer I decided it would be better to wait and take take everything I can from him before leaving him. Although I make money for myself but his continued affair after two years of marriage is annoying and thankfully we have no kid yet.
He thinks everything is fine, but I’m planning on serving him with divorce papers  by Nov/Dec when I have been able to get enough money out of him and I’ll be selling properties I can too just before that time. I have started talking to my Ex and once I’m out of the marriage, I cant wait to start dating although I wont re-marry anytime soon. I want him to have to continue to pay for as long as possible.
Thanks for allowing me air my secrets without judgement.

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