Perturbed girl tells Teekay of why she thinks her mother should be killed…

I don’t feel regret for wishing death upon my mother. I am actually a very good and nice person who would never wish any sort of pain at all on anyone but my mother.
She has always been very abusive. A constant part of my childhood was hiding giant, nasty injuries.
When I was small, she would pick me up by my hair. I have had to get stitches because of her. She once bust my lips open by throwing a mug at me pushed me down the stairs and I had my tooth chipped. I can remember a day she said someone stole money from her room (I was just 9 years) , she called my sister and myself to her room and put pepper in our private parts after asking we stripped naked. This woman would cut me with razor blade for doing averagely well at school, she would sometimes beat me for up to an hour, with whatever is on hand (mostly that wooden thing for turning eba).
I am now 21 and even though the physical abuse has reduced because I am an average-size woman now making it much harder to beat me up, the emotional abuse has never ended. This is beyond the Yoruba standard insults ; I’m-never-good-enough and belittling. My mother’s favorite things to say to us are, “I hope you die/can’t wait until you die,” “I will kill you/wish I could kill you,” “I Regret having you” (I used to self-harm because of her), “You are so worthless” and, my personal favorite, “Kill yourself.”
This is a woman who is a bank manager (F bank) so her actions are not due to  illiteracy .These actually really get to you after a period of time – say, almost your whole life.
All in all, my mom is a mean, rude, lazy, annoying, disgusting, abusive crazy woman with no heart who always thinks she is best even though she has so many glaring flaws. I cannot wait for the day she dies. I don’t remember when I stopped loving her, probably when I was 12/13, but now even thinking about her makes me feel sick sometimes. I will honestly feel great relief and happiness once she is gone.
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I just said to share since am not gonna be casted.

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