My Husband Is Angry That I Call Another Man Baby…

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Pls there is one Ministry/church I used to go with my hubby, there is this younger Pastor that I and hobby are in good terms with, in fact, he always chat me up to know how we are doing. Sometimes he will call me mummy and I will either respond with my son or baby, nothing attached to it before God and man, I am over 12yrs older than this boy. This afternoon, I dropped my phone on the bed where my husband is lying and he checked my chats and saw where this pastor called me mummy and I responded with baby, he flared up and have refused to have anything to do with me, even to eat food. My brother, pls what is my offense here?
Your offense is that you are calling another man baby. Even if you are the Holiest of all, you cannot be calling someone else baby and expect to be thought as you two are just kidding.

Can you allow your husband call another lady baby and there’s nothing between them?

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