My Husband has a kink about incest and it’s grossing me out

‎He watches incest porn, incest anime, anything with an incest theme. We live in the U.S so that’s very taboo and frowned upon here. I think he’s particularly interested in Game of Thrones because of the incestuous undertones. It’s obviously something that recently came to my attention.
The part of his fascination with incest that really grosses me out is because he lies about it. If he was straight with me about it, I’d feel a lot better. But no he’s hiding it like a little child. He obviously feels guilty and feels that it’s wrong but he won’t admit it. He’d rather defend it and play it off like it’s not happening.

Anime is ok. I’m ok with some of it and don’t mind watching it with him. But when he gets into loli, upskirt shots of little girls, and little kids partaking in these incestuous relationships, i can’t handle it. I grew up on anime but i know where to draw the line. We aren’t from Japan so i feel like their cultural “passes” shouldn’t be applied to our lives and entertainment. If i see that it’s happening, i turn it off.

I feel like a 31 year old African  man shouldn’t be into these kinds of things. It makes me weary to have him around children or even to have children of our own. I mean, you never know if someone might act on their indulgences.

It’s also extremely hard to get support and guidance about the entire thing. I can’t go telling my best friend that my husband is into incest. It kind of makes me look bad too.

Infact, that’s why I’m posting here. It. Makes. Me. Look. Bad. Gross gross gross. It’s such a turn off for me. Like, i don’t even want to have sex with him. Talk about a buzzkill…

Thanks for listening.‎

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