My husband doesn’t know I’m a prostitute

‎I need to get this off my chest. I’m a married woman and I’m prostituting myself to other men. We don’t even really need the money, I just do it because I enjoy it and he has no idea.

I started prostituting myself when I was in my senior years of high school. My parents are middle class but they were always tight with their money. This one day I asked to buy a new outfit for a friends party and they said no. I was complaining about how unfair my parents were to my neighbour. He was a few years a older and pretty cool. Anyway, he offers me some money if I show him my boobs. I agree, he gives me some money and I let him take a look. We were both happy with the deal and he offered me more money if I give him a blowjob. I’d given guys blowjobs before that so it didn’t really bother me and he had offered enough to buy this skirt I wanted so we agreed again and I did it.

Throughout the rest of my high school years I performed sexual acts for money. I’d do anything from a handjob to full sex. I sold myself to a lot of guys in that time and sometimes quite cheaply if I needed money fast.

After college I got a normal job, gave up selling myself and started dating guys for free. Eventually I met my husband, fell in love and we married. He had no idea that I had sex for money.

Fast forward to about six months ago and I wanted to buy a new pair of shoes but my husband asked me to wait a few weeks because we’d had some big bills. I posted an advertisement on Craigslist, had a lot of replies and picked a guy who didn’t sound like he was mentally unstable. I met up with him and had sex with him in his car for money. Afterwards I went and bought the shoes and told my husband that they had gone on sale for a fraction of their normal price.

In the past 6 months, anytime I’ve wanted something, I’ve prostituted myself and paid for it with the proceeds. I always tell my husband the same lie, that it was on sale and I just paid cash because it was so cheap. He calls me his little bargain hunter. I feel guilty about what I’ve been doing but I don’t really want to stop.

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