My Husband Can’t Last Up to 5 Mins

Question (Anonymous):

I am 26, married and blessed with a wonderful son.. Yes my marriage is still new but I am having a lot of challenges that is eating me up. Since I got married, my husband has never made love to me for up to 5 minutes. I have talked with him severally and still no improvements. I have taught him different techniques so as not to ejaculate fast. If I insist on foreplay for at least 3mins before penetrating, he cums on the bed. I am starving as have not enjoyed sex with him since we got married. Sometimes after sex I just sit and cry. He can stay 2 months without sex. I did not know he was like this because we practiced no sex before marriage. My baby will soon be 4 months and soon we will start sex again. I have this fear in me that it will still be the same him. Please advise me cos am hurting. Do u think he is cheating on me? How do I change this for good? Please I really need sharp blunt advice.

Hello worried questioner, first let me say, you are very normal for complaining and wanting more from your sexual experience.

I also need to reiterate that because your hubby cannot satisfy you in bed doesn’t imply he is cheating – in fact the more reason he won’t be able to cheat is because he can’t perform (I guess you’re happy now)
Now back to your concern, it could be normal for your hubby to cum early and it could be a medical situation.
First, try and get him used to seeing you naked and having fun without penetration. This will help him to adjust his brain to the fact that he doesn’t have to cum every time he is aroused.
Second, you might need to talk to him and plead with him to see medical personnel as there are treatments for such and they have basically no side effects.
Above all, let me advise you to never suspect your husband of cheating unless you have concrete evidence (this evidence must be tangible not hearsay). Jumping into conclusions most times is the only problem most marriages have.


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