My girlfriends dad is really successful, but…

My girlfriend has A father that’s really ambitious, disciplined and pretty wealthy. My father is undisciplined, broke and not even making an effort to find a job.

I love my dad, I’ve never dared to enter these thoughts, but, I’d rather have a dad like the one my girlfriend has, someone I can look up to. I, myself, have dreams of becoming a succesful entreprenour, or a professional stock investor, something like that. My girlfriends dad bought himself into a company and is now making a really nice amount of money each month, thanks to his expertise in that area.

My dad gambled away $300k dollars for about 5 years ago, those were money from his sister, she was pretty wealthy and my dad got a share when she died. He immediately gambled the money away, the money that we would have is not there, and we’re struggling to keep up with the economy. Most of this is because of my dad.

My mother, on the other hand, managed to get one job. It’s thanks to that job that our family has food on the table.

I don’t know what to do, I’m really ashamed that i wrote this. I’m simply jealous of my friends and my girlfriend, they have a father they can look up to, and I don’t.‎

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