My GF is 7 Years Older Than I Am

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Pls hide my ID. Let me know when posted. Am the only child of my father and I am supposed to get married soon. I will be 26 in two months’ time. I was in very long term relationship for 7 years with one girl of my age. At a time she left me because she thinks that am too controlling and she started disrespecting me and she feels that I don’t trust her because she has a lot of male friends that I told her I don’t like but she said I should not worry that they are just her friends nothing more.

Right now I am in love with someone else, who is 7 years older than me; she is serious and wants to get married. She respects me and does everything I ask her to do. She has all d qualities to be called a wife.

Now there is a problem – my ex has been back for 3 weeks now and some part of me still wants her, she promises to change though she is still sometimes disrespectful and rude. (Maybe she can’t even change).

The new girl I met two years ago but we didn’t start dating until 2 months ago but I think she is too good and this is not pretense. She acts like my mother I mean in character.

I need advice – do you think age is a problem in marriage (considering the GAP). For me I have no problem but am scared of the future.

From what I have read, I think you are just madly in love with the girl that is older than you are. Now there is no problem with dating or marrying an older person but there are a few things you need to understand:
·         – Don’t compare people with each other as you are doing with this two ladies – everybody has a baggage (even my parents and siblings). The question is Are you ready to handle the baggage?
·             –  Another thing is, you have to be very careful of this your new (perfect) girlfriend as she might be pretending cos no one – I repeat NO ONE – is perfect. (the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know)
·              –   Age is a number but after the wedding is a lifetime called the marriage and this is when reality sets in. Realities like – she’s going to start aging way before you (getting ugly and all).
·         Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener oh
·        – I never advise people to marry ladies they are younger than, but you need to understand the consequences.
Let me tell you a short story:
I know of a couple where the wife is older than the hubby so the wife tends to watch her ways as the man is the head of the home.
There was a family meeting that was called by the father of the wife but because of the age difference, she couldn’t come to terms with herself to take permission from the husband to attend the meeting as the husband already had plans for the weekend (not good enough).
She could also turn around and start lording it over you at any time in the relationship (marriage I mean) and trust me, it is better to be safe than sorry. The wrath of a younger woman is massive – imagine she is now older than you are (whew – omo you are OYO *in D’prince’s voice)


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  1. Regardless of Age.
    Love is found in the strangest of places.
    Love, Life, Marriage isn’t Logical so don`t totally follow your head follow your heart, your mind & Most importantly God.
    Because your lady may seem magical(Out of this world, too beautiful to be true) but the result or the product of the relationship would be hurtful.
    Love isn`t a feeling its a choice you choose to love who you want to love regardless of how they look, how they feel, how they act to you. e.g You choose to love your family, Why? Because no matter what, you see them as your support system.
    Finally, Please don`t make a mistake by over thinking love give your love to the person you know would cherish it and someone you know would n`t throw it back at your face


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