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Pls hide my ID, I just found out that my BF is cheating on me and he also tells a friend of his everything that we do even when we had sex. When I confronted him he denied not cheating but accepted the fact that he used to tell his friend then but not anymore because he loves me and that he’s sorry. Pls what should I do because I am confused and I don’t know what to believe again? Mind you I got to know because we exchanged our phones and I saw it in his WhatsApp chat.
If he is cheating on you, there are no two ways to it; you need to break up with him. Cheating means he doesn’t respect or regard you. It is the lowest form of debase in a relationship.
As for kissing and telling, all immature guys do that (I am not insinuating anything oh).
Finally, for him to agree to exchange phones with you is a sign that maybe he has really changed because trust me, he could delete all the chats and you would know nothing.
So, I advise that you watch to see if he has really changed especially with the cheating part and if you as much as see any form of negativity in these aspects, do the needful.
I hope I have been of help?


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  1. Just believe whatever he tells you and don’t try to monitor him otherwise you might end up killing yourself before time. Take things easy and try not to bother about it, MOST, i mean MAJORITY of the men we have this days are PRONE to CHEATING, it’s like a NORM for them.You just be FAITHFULL, his CONSCIENCE will JUDGE him at the RIGHT time (talking from experience)

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