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Gudevenin Ask Teekay crew, you guys are really wonderful. I have been in dis relationship for 4yrs but I am worried cos my guy doesn’t trust me, he monitors every of my movement, whenever i answer a guy’s call where he is, he must ask who d person is and why he’s calling and if I don’t give a reasonable answer, he will ask me to tell d guy to stop calling me and delete the guy’s number.
He’s too jealous to the extent that he doesn’t like it when i attend night parties like birthday party, award night.  He checks my Whatsapp messages and other things.
Pls I need your advice cos I am really tired of all this, I love him so much and I know he loves me too. He always apologizes whenever I get angry with him because of this but he continues suspecting me.
Pls what do I do about dis issue? Thanks Teekay
It is good to be jealous when you are in a relationship but there is something called healthy jealousy and too much of jealousy cannot be healthy.
I think you should try and seat him down and talk with him. Explain what your views are and how you are not happy with the fact that he doesn’t trust you and that should be the basis of any relationship.
Also, I think you need to check yourself as most guys won’t act except they hear or see something. Are you sure you are being faithful to him all through?
Above all, you really need to make him understand that his insecurity cannot take you two to the altar because even when you are with your cousin, he will keep suspecting you.

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