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If you think music mixers are unaffordable luxury, you probably just don’t know where to look for such stuff. Mixing consoles used to for combining, mixing and changing audio signals are used in various applications, not recording studios only. But if you are interested in buying one of them you probably already know this.

Anyway, mixing consoles are affordable on It suggests a wide range of music mixers from different manufacturers and at different prices. Actually, you can find absolutely everything here at available prices. Jiji offers both new and used things. But speaking about “used” we don’t mean old or bad. Everything is in a good keep. You can make sure by reading description about details and specifications. Such information is provided along with item’s photo. Thus, you always see and know what you are going to buy. Moreover, you can read users’ reviews, feedbacks and comments to understand the complete picture. For those who are using the service for the first time, Safety Tips and general information may be useful, too.

The last thing you should know is Jiji’s price policy. This is not another online store but rather a platform for interaction between a buyer and a seller. All users communicate directly with each other and can buy diverse things at the lowest prices.

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