My Mum Is Insisting on 4 Years Courting Before Marriage – Is This Right?

Dating-Young-CoupleQuestion (Anonymous):

Please what is the standard length of years a couple should date before they are allowed to get married? Because I don’t understand why my mother insists that I and my Fiancé must date for no less than 4 years before we would be allowed to do our engagement and get married. Is this the norm or what do you think?



There is no laid down rule for courtship period but your courtship period mostly depends on a few factors such as parents, religion, society, in-laws and last but not the least yourselfs.

The two of you can decide to court for as long as you wish or as short as you wish; doesn’t matter how long.

I know couples who dated for just 6 months and got married same as I know a couple who dated for 10 years before hooking up finally.

Long term courtship enables you to know yourselves better and truly.


My advice is that you seat your mum down and try to ask her what her reasons are and see if you can relate, otherwise, you convince her that you have to get married asap.

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