Mitt Romney blasts Donald Trump as a ‘fraud’ who would lose to Hilary Clinton, Trump fires back

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has lashed out at Donald Trump and pleaded for fellow Republicans to shun the Republican Party front-runner for the good of country and party.

Mr Romney, who has been a fierce critic of Mr Trump, is expected to warn in his speech on Thursday Morning at the University of Utah, of which excerpts have been obtained and released in advance by The Associated Press that his policies are a threat to the Republican party and to the country as a whole.

“Here’s what I know: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud,” Mr Romney says, according to a leaked transcript of his remarks. “His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University,” he is quoted as saying.

Mr Romney will also warn that the nomination of Mr Trump would pave the way to the presidency for Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. But Trump as we have all come to know him for, fired back at Mitt Romney saying Romney ran one of the worst presidential races in history when he contested against Barack Obama and said he was the only one who could beat Hilary Clinton….

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