She might have MAGUN!!! Should I Still Sleep With Her

About 5 years ago I had a girl I loved so dearly and am sure she loved me too then. We were everywhere together, did everything together but unfortunately she could not give me sex not because she didn’t want to, but because she understands a tradition that forbids teenage girls to have sex else she and the perpetrator shall die.


images (1)Circumstances separated us then but in the middle of this year we met, she was looking ravishingly beautiful with the right curves at the right place. We began seeing each other. Just last month we were together privately, touching without restrictions. She asked me to penetrate her and suddenly the thoughts of our past incident crossed my mind and I immediately stopped. I asked her if won’t we die? She said no because she had undergone the traditional cleansing ritual to purify her which entailed making love with a chief priest in the shrine for three nights.


Now am so scared to even touch her again. I love her, and she still loves me, but I can’t even bring myself to kiss her again how much more romance or even advance to the sex level. Dear people what would you advise I should do? Very sorry for the lengthy story.

Dear Readers, pls share your opinions in the comment section and help a brother

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