Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to compete with Apple iPad Pro in July


Many thought that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 would come out in the next month or so since Microsoft has recently slashed the price of the Surface Pro 3. TheAir Herald is one of the sites that was predicting a new Surface Pro 4 arriving very soon.

 “The Surface Pro 4 may be coming out sooner than many people initially thought. While Microsoft has yet to say anything about the new device, they have given some indication that they are getting ready to release the device. Microsoft has been dropping the Surface Pro 3 line by $100 nearly across the board. Many people are wondering what Microsoft will do with the Surface Pro 4. The current rumors say that Microsoft will release two different form factors this time around.”

Unfortunately, we may have to wait for more than a couple months to get our hands on the hotly anticipated Surface Pro 4. The Christian Times is one of the sources that recently spread the bad news about Microsoft’s next Surface Pro.

“Speculation is mounting that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be released in July this year. According to a company source, ‘Microsoft will reveal it on G.D.C., or Game Developers Conference, which is scheduled to be held in San Francisco, C.A. on March 2-6, 2015.’ “

It doesn’t quite make sense that the Surface Pro 4 would be released four months after the announcement. However, Microsoft is still making huge profits from the Surface Pro 3. It is also speculated that they want the Surface Pro 4 to run Microsoft Windows 10, which isn’t ready for prime-time yet. But Microsoft better get their act together; Apple is about to release the iPad Pro, which will definitely be a competitor to the new Surface Pro. Some rumors, as reported by Bidness Etc., suggest the iPad Pro may be more of an upgrade than people had originally thought.

“The iPad Pro might be a different upgrade compared to previous expectations. It might be closer to a MacBook Air than the iPad Air 2. Based on rumors, the Apple iPad Pro is expected to be around 12.2 inches. It is also expected to come with more built in storage and a 4k display. There is also speculation that the iPad Pro could have a different architecture and software base, marking a shift from ARM-based processors to the Intel Core i-series.”

If the iPad Pro does have an Intel Core processor, it’s likely that the machine will run a desktop operating system, although there are sources who say the device will run both iOS and OS X. Which would you rather buy, the Surface Pro 4 or the iPad Pro?

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