18 Men Reveal What They Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Listen up ladies, women, mothers, grandmothers and every other female specie which I do not know of, well, the men have spoken. Romantic gifts like big teddy bears or whatever will be left in a corner and untouched or thrown away​ or even given to your boo’s boo (Dont blame me, blame Harry Song).
Buying a Valentine’s gift for your crush/significant other/friend with benefit is so hard, especially when all the especially “Valentines-y” gifts are … so awful??? Like who’s actually buying those giant, menacing teddy bears? WHO? It seems like there are either really awful, cheap gift sor incredibly expensive ones that are just unattainable (diamonds, more diamonds). And this is especially difficult for people who need to give gifts to men, because let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is usually all about doting on your GF/wife/whatever.

So if you’re still struggling with something to get bae for Valentine’s Day, here’s what 18 men I interviwed said they would actually like to receive. And no, it’s not just “A GOOD BLOW JOB!!!!!!!!” (repeated 50 times. )

1. “Couples’ deep tissue massage; about an hour in the steam room; ice cold beer and a simple wrap of hot suya spiced with sliced tomato, cameroon pepper and onions; and relax to an action movie of his choice- Bayo

2. “I personally prefer experiences over material objects. Make me dinner, give me a gift certificate that says I can tie you up and have my way with you, take me to the movies or something.”- Femi

3. “Things that I’ll use. A nice wallet, sunglasses, Chapstick, nice belt.”-Alex

4. “This will be my first Valentine’s at 29. I plan to make her dinner , maybe a little wine. Romantic-style settings. Afterward, I plan to pamper her with a massage, and hopefully a kiss and cuddling. And nothing more. What I want is for everything to go right and she leaves for her place smiling.-Daniel

5. “You should make a giant pizza with the pepperonis formed into a dog.”-Jesse (Who’s this guy’s girl? my utmost sympathy).

6. “For a girl to spend the day with me … Then end the day with a hug that shows someone in this world cares about me as more than some random friend.”- Bowale

7. “An enthusiastic Blowjob!!!-Bukunmi

8. “Kinky sex. Seriously, it may sound cheap or insincere but, as a man, there is nothing I want more than to have it my way on V-day.”-Debo

9. “Eran Sisun”(Smoked Meat)-Azeez

10. “Glass of whiskey, neat. And a kiss, neat!”-Felix

11. “Cologne, a dinner out, a book.”- oLisa

12. “Food is fine, I like to eat.”-Livingstone

13. “My lady and I don’t get tokens of affection or chocolates. We split dinner and buy a sex toy every year. Finish the night buzzed and having sex.”-Brian (Oh hello crazy one!)

14. “A day with my GF alone, no clocks, no cellphones, only her … and sex.”- Vento

15. “Cigars, but the wife doesn’t like them. I’d love an actual massage from a therapist though, or to spend a chill night at the casino with her.”-Alex

16. “Play video games with me while we take shots and have amazing se, and sleep. My wife crazy tho!-Khalid

17. “A back massage.”-Collins

18. “Every year my wife buys me a suit. She’s done it since we started dating in high school, almost 10 years ago. So I know what I’m getting.- David.

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