This lady was love-duped and now she thinks all men are SCAM.. Read her story/question

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Kindly post this for me and hide my I.D. 

Am a lady of 24yrs and i want to know why some guys could be so heartless. It happened yesterday at my place of work, a lady came looking for my Boss. So within the few hours she stays, i was having a chat with her cus my Boss wasn’t around then. She seems to be a nice person and a cool lady.

And it happens to be dat they were dating i.e “she & my Boss” for sometimes now and he promised to marry her and she loves him so very much. With my own view i get to realize dat this lady is so much in love with my Boss. But could you guys believe dat this same Boss of mine has fixed a date of his Trad. Marriage with another lady and has even started giving out his card which dis lady is unaware of. So my question here is why do some men this way?

I like the question you asked dear – you said “why do SOME men” and that goes a long way to answer your question. Some of us are like that. 
Another thing is you need to find out facts before you conclude. Your boss could have told her he can’t marry her but she’s too in love with him.
The girl also cannot read in between the lines because i am sure, there are signs all around.
Another observation is – if the man is getting engaged, then that is a big deal and if truly this girl you talk about is that close to him, she should be aware.
Bottom line is people will always be people – our prayer is God let us make right decisions concerning our relationships – even the Bible says “you will always have the poor (rich, wicked, abnormal, senseless, dumb, useless, correct etc) among you.
My advice is just keep watching to see how things go and learn from it.

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