Married For 11 Years With No Child, Only To Find Out That My Wife Has Been Aborting The Pregnancy

I have been married for eleven years now. My wife is a teacher (customer service facilitator). She was into this profession before I met her and married her. But I am so confused that I can’t really explain what is going on in my marriage. We have no kids yet, but she gets pregnant, before I will know what is going on, the pregnancy is gone

I tried to monitor one pregnancy of hers. Sat at home, denied her of her work. It got to three months and that month was when my mother passed on, and I had to rush to the village, staying one week, she called me after 4 days saying she is bleeding, I told her let me call my uncle who is our family doctor, she told me that she can’t wait, that she is in pain, that she will visit the hospital close to us
My mistake was that I didn’t go to the hospital to ask them whether my wife was their patient when I wasn’t around. I got so worried that my brother decided to know what she was up to.

So my brother asked his friend to woo my wife, lets know whether he can be able to make her talk. The guy sought for her friendship request on Facebook and she accepted. They went on as friends for 4 months before she could start talking of her married life. I have the screen shot messages with me. Where she told the guy, that she has dreams to fulfill before having a child. That she has been aborting her pregnancy because she does not want set backs in her career. That children are one big headache and set back in marriage. The guy asked her is her husband not complaining? She told him, that she has her ways with me.

That the husband is an illiterate business man, who managed to go to the university. From my childhood I have always wanted to do business, but my father being a medical doctor had a rule, that all his children must pass through the university before starting a business. I made first class in Computer Science. It’s painful but I’m not annoyed, I’m just terribly shocked to be living with such a woman under my roof. I have not confronted her on this,I’m still in shock. She is 42 years and I am 47years.

Shared by Cynthia Uju Raphael, a relationship expert and manager.

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