Makeup: 5 Reasons Why People Wear Make-up

People, I’ve seen girls wear make-up and look utterly good! They inspire me to look good. There’s this friend of mine, who actually learnt how to do make-up, and everytime i see her change her display picture, i marvel. Is it the beauty of the contacts? or the way she lines her lips? or the way she draws the eyebrows? or the way she attaches her falsies? Where exactly do we begin?
Even the facial contouring will have you tripping. Check her out on Instagram. Handle goes by ” Ramiasanaa_mua“.

I’ve met some guys that say, “you’re so fake”, “you look like plastic”, ‘get away from sunlight, i hate the smell of burning plastic”, “why can’t you just be natural?” when they see any female wearing make-up, and I’ve never appreciated the comments, or left there without retorting.

The most pathetic part, is where some females join in the criticism. “Fake girls everywhere, trying to be what they’re not’. Really? I try to not imagine that a female would call another female fake, or tying to be, just because she got some makeup on.

Anyway, I’ll like to assume, that these ignorant people don’t understand the reasons behind wearing make-up. Even though, i believe its nobody’s business, if anybody wears make-up to look fake. Least the fakeness isn’t stopping your account balance from growing. ( I’m already taking it personal abi? I know. 🙁 ).

So now, I’ll be diving into reasons, why people get makeup done.

1. Self-expression

Nothing says more without words than a little bit of red lipstick. Sometimes it says ‘grandma’s trying to relive her youth.’ Sometimes it says ‘this tween really needs more parental supervision.’ Sometimes it says ‘Pretty Woman,’ while other times it reminds people of the ahem…movie. Either way, you can never really go too wrong with a shade of red lipstick as long as you are careful to choose one right for your skin tone. You want to look sexy, not dead! And when done right, you can look really sexy.

2. To Look Better
Duh. There are times I wake up in the morning looking like Shrek’s ugly cousin. Sometimes I just scream into the mirror for about twenty minutes before I can gather the strength to stop my shaking hands and apply some much needed blush. Thank you makeup, for making me not scared of mirrors sometimes anymore. Seriously. I am what happens when you say Bloody Mary into the mirror or whatever that urban legend is.

3. To Look F**ING Unnatural
Uh, it’s Friday night. You can bet your ass I’m putting on smoky smoke monster eyes. I don’t want to look like ME really, I want to look like the ME who is sexy enough to be a Russian Spy or maybe a stripper. How else will I manage to get a couple of drinks bought for me and make out with some random moron by the pool table? Come on, I gotta look foxy it up!

4. Change Your Entire Persona
Without makeup, I’m just a girl who likes macaroni and cheese, bad action movies, and puppies on the street. With makeup, I can be a hot girl next door. I can be a Madonna wannabe. I can be a slightly goth biker chick. I can have it all! And it’s way cheaper to buy lipstick than clothes, so it’s the cheapest solution for a makeover! It’s baffling to me why they don’t have more ‘makeup montages’ in teen movies, but that’s just me.

5. Be Your Own Beautiful
Nothing like putting on a little something to make yourself feel prettier, more confident, and more special. Even if it’s just chapstick in the morning, taking a little time on yourself is a good way to pamper yourself and feel more beautiful at the same time. Worth it!

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