I Am In Love With Him But He Hasn’t Gotten His Visa…

images (2)Question (Anonymous):

Please I need your candid advice, I met this guy two years ago on Facebook and he happens to come from the same local government as I am. Last year, he said he wanted to marry me, and I agreed, not because I really love him but because I’m just excited that at last, I’m going to make my mum happy by being married.

On the long run, I got scared and didn’t let the introduction hold, now he wants the introduction to hold and the bride price paid. I agreed but was still worried about his status in the USA where he lives. It was then he opened up that he doesn’t have his papers yet and this could take him about two years or more to achieve, but that I can always come and visit him on a regular basis till he gets his papers.
NOTE: I’ve met his family and they all love me. His dad is in good contact with my parents because we’re from the same place and speak same language; though my dad is complaining on the fact that he doesn’t know this guy, my mum on d opposite just want me to marry because her elder sister is not married till now (she’s in USA). I am, on the other hand, worried that d family CANNOT take care of me compared to where I come from.

Please what do I do, cancel the introduction which is in a few days or the marriage entirely, or just go ahead?


You should go ahead with the marriage if you truly love this guy you’re talking about.

People (including family) will always have an opinion about your life but only you will face the consequences of the decision you make (every other person can only sympathize).

Do what you have to do based on a personal decision that will make you happy.

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